Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Cambry girl!!

How can it be that we have a two year old now?!! We celebrated 2 wonderful years with our little girl on May 5. On her actual birthday, she opened a couple of presents and our family went out for ice cream after dinner. Cambry was in heaven with her cookies and cream ice cream!

Then, on Saturday, we had a small family birthday party at our house for her, flower-style. Cambry has been into picking flowers for some time now, so it was very fitting for her! She really seemed to understand that she was having a birthday party once everyone got there. She enjoyed opening her presents, gave hugs and thank yous after each one she opened and LOVED eating her cupcake. She smiled the whole time we sang to her and she blew out both candles by herself. After the party was over and everyone was gone she looked at us and said "birthday party, again?!" Haha! Sweet girl! I think she had fun!

Oh, and funny thing about her clothes. The tutu skirt was what I had planned on her wearing. Wouldn't you know that she would not put that skirt on the day of the party without big tears?! So, I pulled out the pink dress from her closet instead. She had a diaper leak during the party and my mom went back there with me to change her and she gladly put on her tutu skirt for my mom. Silly girl. I guess she wanted two party dresses! :)

Some of our sweet family that came...

She really understood opening presents this year!

Excited about her cupcake! She sure did enjoy it! :)

Trying out some of her new toys! Thank you to our families for them!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!!! We love you so much and can't wait to see what this year holds our two year old!!!


Anna said...

That's pretty funny about the dress/skirt issue. I think she looked adorable in both! Great job planning the party, Halie.

rita said...

Just precious!! She's such a doll! Laney was looking that the pictures with me and said 'Cambry's happy!'. :) Looks like she had a blast! Super cute decorations as always!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Cams!!! What a beautiful little girl you are!

I love two year olds - such a fun age! They say the cutest things, still have just enough baby in them to be sweet, but are starting to become independent... Enjoy every minute!

Matt and Cindy Fleharty said...

Looks like a happenin' parrrtay! Good job, mama! Cambry looks HAPPY!

The Graves Fam said...

Such a cutie pie! Love her outfit change! :) Yay for turning 2!